DIY: Dyed easter eggs

I followed this great tutorial for dyed easter eggs. This was so much harder than I thought it would be. Below you can read how I made them.

Eggs, leaves, nylon stockings, rubber bands, food coloring, glass of water, white vinegar

How to
1. Wrap the a leaf around the egg and secure it with a piece of nylon stocking and rubberband
2. Add food coloring and a teaspoon of white vinegar to a glass of warm water
3. Place the egg in the colored water for about 5 minutes
4. Remove the egg from the water and carefully remove the nylon stocking so it can dry

Wear gloves, the food coloring will stain your hands.


  1. I so wish I saw this post before I colored my eggs! I love these! I'll have to remember for next year :o)

  2. Great craft idea and I love your images.

  3. this is a beautiful idea! And i absolutely love the feel and colors in your pics... bello!

  4. Oh wow. What a great idea. Gorgeous!

  5. I almost did this myself! You make it look so easy! And your eggs turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Maybe next year... ;)

  6. beautiful.
    thanks for sharing how to do this....

  7. What lovely eggs!! I too might try this next year! You do make it look effortless. I am smitten by the color.

  8. These turned out great! Love the color.

  9. These are the most beautiful eggs! Thanks for sharing how to do them!


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